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After the last few events, Riga was the only round of Driftmasters GP this year. Due to COVID-19, the date was repeatedly postponed, meanwhile all rounds have been postponed to next year. So also the round in Austria, where we would actually have gone in September. Therefore we would like to give both you and us to “consolation” a throwback in round 5 of last year exactly one year later! Because we were at Iron Drift King 2019 including our camera equipment!

We live in the southernmost part of Germany. But the anticipation for our first round of Driftmasters in 2019 was great. Big enough to take the long journey to see the spectacle in the city of iron.

Camping near Ferropolis

Here’s a tip for everyone who plans to go to Ferropolis in the coming years. Especially for those who can’t find a hotel nearby. Or who are simply not in the mood for the large campground on the event site. Take a look at the Naturcampingplatz Möhlauer See. A very peaceful place, only a few minutes drive away from the action.

Naturcampingplatz Möhlauer See
Camping at Möhlauer See.

Driftmasters at Ferropolis

Arriving early or a little later is worthwhile, as you have to queue for a while to get your ticket ribbon on the one hand and to get to the Ferropolis with the shuttle train on the other. Once you have overcome these hurdles, however, a breathtaking location opens up!

A small shopping mile with merch and yummy food takes you directly to one of the grandstands, from where you can see the race track down below. Almost all around there are seats for the visitors with a great view of Mad Max (one of the huge excavators) and the lake.

Mad Max in der Ferropolis
The Mad Max excavator on the Ferropolis.

In all honesty, the long journey was worth it for all the impressions, but the best was still to come 😀 There was drifting action – around the clock. This is an absolute must for fans of drifting in Germany. Nico was totally flashed anyway and for me as a newcomer to drifting it was an absolute highlight.

Nico explained some rules to me based on the route and showed me known drivers and cars in the paddock. Speaking of the paddock! Everything is accessible to the audience, you can talk to the teams and walk through the tent workshops. That is the positive thing about the fact that the drift scene is not as big as, for example, Formula 1 – everything is a bit smaller and therefore more familiar 😉

Maren im Fahrerlager

There was a lot to do over the whole day. Not only the qualifications, but also one or the other show and even a marriage proposal could be seen. On the Ferropolis site, tuned cars were displayed everywhere.

The Top 16 in round 5 of the Iron Drift King

In the late evening the Top 16 finally started! It was cold now, but the audience was heated. The intensity with which the drivers drove for the first places could be felt. Sometimes even a sheet of paper would not have fit between the cars. The air literally burned with tension and the steam from tire smoke and racing gas!

Iron Drift King in der Nacht Top 16
Adam Zalewski vs. Jack Shanahan

Some big names like James Deane, Jack Shanahan and Stephen “Baggsy” Biagioni were in the Top 8. Marco Zakouril stood out here as the underdog who was not even on the screen before. Commentators agreed that he could be a threat to reigning European champion James Deane.
At the end of the Top 8, Deane’s compatriot Jack Shanahan was even thrown out unexpectedly – one of the drivers who usually competes for the first places.

The Top 4 and the finale

Drivers, teams and fans were now looking forward to the finale with the Top 4. Sadly, the first battle was decided by technical damage to Marco Zakouril and Deane was able to achieve an easy victory. The favorite of the season had already reached the final.
Unexpectedly, the second battle was unspectacular as Korpulinski’s car was no longer able to generate any power. The two finalists were determined – Ireland against UK – Deane against Baggsy.

James Deane Drift

In the finale, the visitors were shown a head-to-head race, but Deane won it with better proximity and more consistent line! He was not only Iron Drift King, but also European Champion on points for this year’s season.

James Deane Top 16
James Deane is in the Top 16

At the end of the day there was the award ceremony and party on the beach next to the track. We soon had to say goodbye because we had to start our long journey home early the next day.
All in all it was a spectacular weekend and can only be recommended for every fan of the scene!

If you want, you can watch Red Bull TV’s recap of Iron Drift King again here.

Wer möchte, kann sich Red Bull TVs Zusammenfassung von Iron Drift King hier noch einmal ansehen.

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